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Cultivating Discipline

9/17/2017 Steven Akin  A.M. Worship 

Value of the Bible

9/17/2017 Steven Akin  P.M. Worship 

Church of Exiles

9/17/2017 Steven Akin  Sunday Bible Class 

What is Fear

9/10/2017 Jacob Rutledge  A.M. Bible Class 

Church of Exiles

9/10/2017   Sunday Bible Class 

Reasons to Believe that there is a God

9/10/2017 Jacob Rutledge  P.M. Worship 


9/3/2017   A.M. Bible Class 

Being a Disciple of Christ

9/3/2017 Steven Akin  A.M. Worship 

Power of Prayer

9/3/2017 Steven Akin  P.M. Worship 

Reasons to Believe

8/27/2017 Jacob Rutledge  P.M. Worship 

Knowing God: Repayment of Wrongs

8/27/2017 Charles Smith  A.M. Bible Class 

Saved by Grace, Faith and Obedience

8/27/2017 Jacob Rutledge  A.M. Worship 

Missionary Report from South Africa

8/20/2017 Joshua Ankiah  P.M. Worship 

What is the church?

8/20/2017 Jacob Rutledge  A.M. Worship 

4 Reasons to Abstain from Alcohol

8/13/2017 Jacob Rutledge  P.M. Worship 

Knowing God: The Son of God

8/13/2017 Jay Kelsey  Bible Class 

Happiness of a Godward Life

8/13/2017 Jacob Rutledge  A.M. Worship 

Exiled in Christ

8/6/2017 Jacob Rutledge  Bible Class 

Why We Do What We Do

8/6/2017 Steven Akin  P.M. Worship 

Disciple You

8/6/2017 Jacob Rutledge  A.M. Worship 

Knowing God - A Loving God

7/30/2017 Charles Smith  Bible Class 

Walking with God's Love

7/30/2017 Jacob Rutledge  P.M. Worship 

Instant Christians

7/30/2017 Jacob Rutledge  A.M. Worship 

Knowing God: A Jealous God

7/23/2017 Jay Kelsey  Bible Class 

The Faith of a Fisherman

7/23/2017 Jacob Rutledge  A.M. Worship 

A Balanced God

7/23/2017 Jacob Rutledge  P.M. Worship 

Knowing God and His Goodness

7/16/2017   Sunday Morning Bible Class 


7/16/2017 Jacob Rutledge  P.M. Worship 

Hello from Wisconsin

7/16/2017 Scott Nedland  Worship 

Knowing God Unchanging

7/9/2017   Bible Class 

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