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Join us this Sunday for Bible Classes for all ages at 9:30am and stay for worship at 10:30am. We meet Sunday night at 6pm and Wednesdays at 7pm. We have a parking space just for you.

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470 Old Highway 290 Dripping Springs, TX 78620

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Bad Apple: Sin Defined

Bad Apple: Sin Defined  Introduction  Youtube video went viral depicting 68-year-old bus monitor named Karen being bullied by several teenagers who, for ten straight minutes, hurled insults at this widowed grandmother. Four students from New York curse, threaten, and deride this elderly lady calling her old, poor, fat, and a troll. One teen told her that the didn’t have any family because they killed themselves so as not to be near her. In October of this past year, we witnessed…

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2018 Theme: Know the Message, Accept the Mission

What is Christianity all about? What does a disciple of Jesus look like in 2018? What does God desire for the Dripping Springs Church of Christ this year? As the leadership asked these questions, two things became apparent: we need to know what we believe, and we need to know how to share it with others. That is, we need to know the message of God and accept the mission of God. Why is this so important and how do…